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Interaction session between Sociology and Social work students

— Theme: Violence against Women

A girl says no; society perceives yes. But yes means yes and no means strictly no as mentioned by Giri Bahadur Sunar, Sociologist by Profession and Women Empowerment and self defense trainer. Violence is an action that causes pain, suffering and destruction. Women violence is taking its place in the pitch but what are the causes and how violence takes place, how it can be minimized that should be taken into account. We can see that society has framed discriminatory attitude towards girls using abusive words that deteriorates girls’ psychology.The filthy stories on women are portrayed, therefore exploited and harassed. Sexting and texting have occupied its space where men consider women as an object of entertainment and humor and their privacy gets circulated in a wide horizon.The discussion also raised the issue upon banning of pornography. The threesome on porn movies depict how a woman handles two men and the society perceives that women has tolerance power to get fouled. But the real side of the story gets prosecuted in the society where a girl gets gang raped by her own people. The lens of the society towards women should be changed. Often it is said that girls embellishment provoke men but its more about society’s eye towards girls. Furthermore, the discussion also lifted issue upon objectification of women as their worth are measured in terms of exposure of body parts. The root cause lies in the structure where women are commodified. Society draws idea that women are born to tolerate for the sake of maintaining intimate relationship and fear of societal prestige, they have to keep their mouth shut against any violence that takes place.The stereotypical thinking society has made towards male and female is violating. Woman has to hold the tolerance power and held emotions where as a man should not shed tears but rather have to be brave and strong. Consequently, the problem gets rooted and is expanded. Sex is a life desire and curiosity to know about sex in society is taken as a taboo, a huge sin that one should not mention in front of anyone. Sex means “shhh” and the suppression of emotions for longer period of time gets executed in form of violence. Society is formed of different individuals and societal values, norms shapes an individual. The deviant behavior and social construction should be analysed to understand society as a whole. Therefore, it is necessary to comprehend the disciplinary boundary that exists in different disciplines. Sociology engraved the social issues relevant to gender violence and social work aimed to provide insight upon the issue helping to mitigate the problems.

Gallery from the Session

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